Leaders of Today and Tomorrow

Making a Positive Difference

Experience is the best teacher...

Great Roman Leader, Julius Caesar

I use these tools and strategies in all areas of life...not just work.  This should be a requirement for all students and employees. 


-- M. Seeley, Industrial Designer, Whirlpool Corporation

The enthusiasm and passion for leadership development was a gift.  While our corporation was going through stressful times Katy developed and launched one of the most aggressive leadership programs for the times.  She enrolled senior executives as sponsors, mentors and facilitators for the leadership program to ensure that participants had access to the strategic direction of the company.  The program received excellent reviews and had a  positive impact on the corporation. 

J. Gutowski, Global Executive Development, DaimlerChrysler AG

I have learned from you that we can make our world a
better place one soul at a time, as you have time and time again!


R. Gilles, VP Design, Chrysler LLC

Katy is a great leader, innovator, trainer and speaker.  I highly recommmend her Leaders of Today and Tomorrow program for schools and businesses.


-- L. Rolands, ADHD Coach and Sr. Manager, Human Resources, Chrysler LLC.

The participants learned in 9 months, what took me 12 years to learn! 


--K. Stepinski, Motorsports Vehicle Engineer