Leaders of Today and Tomorrow

Making a Positive Difference

The 1-pager below briefly outlines and describes the core content covered in the Leaders of Today and Tomorrow process. 


As a result of the Leaders of Today and Tomorrow process, participants will learn how to:  


  • Design a Better Future
  • Gain Self-Awareness
  • Understand Strengths
  • Seek New Opportunity
  • Define Purpose
  • Manage Change
  • Make a Commitment
  • Build a Foundation for Success
  • Create a Compelling Vision
  • Identify Core Values
  • Set Guiding Principles
  • Set SMART Goals
  • Define the Mission
  • Develop Strategy
  • Achieve and Exceed Goals
  • Envision Success
  • Implement Strategy
  • Overcome Obstacles
  • Build Partnerships
  • Continuously Improve
  • Adapt and Persist
  • Sustain Excellence, Energy and Edge
  • Invigorate the Mind, Body, Spirit
  • Establish Life Balance
  • Create Empowering Beliefs
  • Leverage Emotions
  • Choose Constructive Actions
  • Practice Power-Thoughts
  • Sustain Momentum
  • Be a Personal Leader
  • Be Motivated
  • Be Aware
  • Be Confident
  • Be Happy
  • Be a Change Leader
  • Be Priority Driven
  • Be Optimistic
  • Be Creative
  • Be Emotionally Intelligent
  • Be Social
  • Be Solutions Oriented
  • Be a Collaborative Leader
  • Be Sensitive
  • Be Trustworthy
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Empathetic
  • Be Team Oriented
  • Be Coaching
  • Be Humble
  • Be An Inspirational Leader
  • Be Future Focused
  • Be Influential
  • Be Resilient
  • Be Empowering
  • Be Understanding
  • Be Passionate

Our organizational and leadership development programs and workshops integrate:


Action-Learning ♦ Individual Assessments Cross-functional Teams ♦ Professional Coaching ♦ Peer Coaching ♦ Experiential Learning ♦ Skill-Building ♦ Highly Interactive Leadership Labs ♦ Results Oriented Work and Learning Objectives 

Our training and development programs and facilitation and delivery expertise can be tailored to fit your requirements:


45-90 Minute Sessions

1/2 Day - Full Day Workshops

Multi-Day Bootcamps & Leadership Labs

6-9 Month Fully-Integrated Leaders of Today and Tomorrow (LoTT) Process

Please feel free to contact us! 

248-225-6652 or katy.caschera@need2be.com


Below is a 1-page overview of the Leaders of Today and Tomorrow  content and process.  Please feel free to print and review.