Leaders of Today and Tomorrow

Making a Positive Difference


Leaders of Today and Tomorrow is a program developed and delivered by Need2Be, Inc. and focuses on:


Leadership Development for improving performance and developing leaders at every level in the organization for today and tomorrow.


Organizational Development to help employees experience and build a high-performance Culture that values, supports and rewards innovation, collaboration, the entrepreneurial spirit and continuous learning through experience.


Talent Management for increased employee performance, engagement and retention today and tomorrow.


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Leaders of Today and Tomorrow is a benchmarked development process designed, developed and facilitated by Katy Caschera, founder of Need2Be, Inc.  This experience-based process is a great solution or addition to your leadership, talent, and organizational development strategies.

What is your organization’s vision, mission and strategy? More importantly, how will your organization execute your strategy?  Without a doubt, execution of your strategy requires top performance from the best talent at every level and in every function throughout the organization – today and tomorrow.  Leaders of Today and Tomorrow is an experience-based development process designed to challenge and engage employees in their own development.  A review of the best practice research on organizational and leadership development suggests that the most effective development occurs over time and includes executive involvement as well as the opportunity to develop cross-boundary relationships.  This process includes all of these best practices while simultaneously addressing four of the most pressing talent questions organizations face today:

1.  Corporate Success Strategy: Do we have the talent and leadership capacity to execute our current strategy while “doing more with less” and navigating the increasingly complex, global challenges and continuous change?  Although you have many talented people working to the best of their current ability, in many cases, they have yet to fully develop their talent and leadership potential. Specifically, there are thousands of intelligent, executive, management and non-management employees who are trapped in work routines that leave them feeling undervalued, overworked, and invisible.  In our hypercompetitive world, talent will leave a company for a "better” opportunity (yes, even in this economy) unless “the job” challenges and engages your employees. Talented employees, our leaders of today and tomorrow, can challenge and improve the current way of doing business:  how to manage day-to-day operations; how to understand and serve customers;  how to develop products and services; and  how to develop and value each other.  Your ability to gain and sustain the competitive advantage is directly dependent upon your ability to identify, develop, engage and retain the best talent at every level in the organization.  These are your leaders of today and tomorrow.


2.  Engagement and Retention: How do we keep the right people in the right positions at the right time, and for a long time?  As organizations continue to flatten, there are fewer opportunities for managers to be promoted. Companies need to remember a promotion or potential promotion is not the only reason people stay with a company.  Promotion to the next level is only one of many factors that affect job satisfaction.  Thus, we need to focus less on leadership as a position, and focus more on leadership as the construct of values, attitudes, skills and behaviors, that together, enable an individual to optimize their own performance, influence another person’s performance, rally a team’s performance and drive an entire organization’s performance at any level.  One way to develop and engage Managers is to tap into their personal satisfaction of being able to do what they do best and being totally responsible to leverage resources to lead themselves and their team, as if it were their own business.  Those individuals who value this autonomy will thrive as leaders in their current position, ultimately increasing their job satisfaction, and keeping them engage in an entrepreneurial-like position throughout their career -- as long as they feel they are fairly compensated.  At the same time, when we need a leader to take on a greater challenge at the next level, we will have created a pool of competent leaders we can promote with confidence.

3.  Leadership for the 21st Century:  What is our leadership development strategy for Managers?  First, organizations must identify individuals interested in learning how to become 21st century leaders who will lead change, will provide value and will feel valued at their current level.  Second, provide these leaders with learning opportunities to engage their cognitive horsepower, increase their social and emotional intelligence and fuel their entrepreneurial spirit.  Finally, create a challenging learning experience whereby individuals in small, cross-functional teams work together to apply their leadership abilities to tackle some of the toughest challenges the organization faces and challenge them to develop new, innovative solutions to drive the corporate strategy.  Throughout the Leaders of Today and Tomorrow process, individuals will learn from each other, will practice true leadership in their core work, will practice shared leadership to tackle a real strategic challenge, and will receive coaching from executives, professional leadership coaches and peers.  In addition to their own development, these leaders will be building and experiencing a culture that supports, values and rewards breakthrough thinking and doing; radical collaboration between talented employees, suppliers, and customers; continuous learning; entrepreneurialism; and true leadership where leaders consistently drive value in themselves, other people, their team and the organization. 


4.  Organizational Development:  How will we execute this leadership development strategy?  This development initiative engages cross-functional leaders at every level to tailor the design, development, and roll-out of this process. During the annual talent review process, Managers may be identified for enrollment and engagement in the leadership development process.  Senior leaders and executives will also be identified to participate, as part of their development as subject matter experts, coaches, champions, sponsors and mentors.  Ongoing communication, support and active involvement from leaders at all levels, especially the top levels, is critical to success. Although this process can begin locally, the vision is an enterprise-wide process.


For more information contact:  katy.caschera@need2be.com